Phishing Alert: How to Protect Yourself from SMS and Instant Messenger Scams.

Phishing Alert: How to Protect Yourself from SMS and Instant Messenger Scams.

As our lives continue to move online, the risk of smishing and phishing attacks grows more significant. These malicious attacks use text messages and emails to deceive people into clicking on harmful links, leading to devastating consequences, including data breaches and identity theft. However, with the use of our URL scanning tool, you can quickly check the safety of any URL and protect yourself from these dangerous attacks. Our tool combines data from multiple sources to give URLs a score and detect any malicious links.

Smishing and phishing attacks can be incredibly convincing, and it is easy to fall victim to them. The attackers often mimic legitimate websites, using social engineering techniques to steal sensitive information. For instance, a smishing attack may send a text message that appears to be from a bank, tricking the recipient into clicking on a link to verify their account information. On the other hand, a phishing attack creates a fake login page for popular services like Facebook or Gmail. Victims unknowingly enter their login details, giving attackers access to their accounts.

To safeguard yourself from these attacks, use our URL scanning tool, which helps you to quickly check the safety of any URL you encounter. It combines data from multiple sources, making it easy to identify malicious links. Before clicking on any URL in a text message or email, use our tool to verify its safety.

While no tool can be 100% effective. There is of cource no patch for human stupidity, taking the first step to protect yourself with our URL scanning tool is essential. Stay safe out there and protect your personal and financial information with our easy-to-use URL scanning tool.


If you would like to just pass a url and have our score returned you can use the url, replacing the target link with the one to score.

If you are looking to find out about why your link / domain is listed or enquire about removing your link / domain. You can contact use through the contact form on the site.


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